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Brandon C - $900/month

About Me

Move in Date Feb 2022
Lease Duration Month To Month
Age 29

We think Brandon’s room is fantastic! But in case you want to see more…

Work Schedule
Sleep Schedule
No Sleep
Non Smoker
Smoke Regularly
Drinks Regularly
Drug Use
Best Friends
Just Splitting the Rent
All the Time
Eat Out
Iron Chef
About Me

Move in Date Feb 2022
Lease Duration Month To Month
Age 29

We think Brandon’s room is fantastic! But in case you want to see more…

Available Room for Rent

Modern Living in Southwest Las Vegas

My female roommate has decided to move out and live with her boyfriend. She was here for about a year. I can forward her contact information as my reference if desired.

This listing is for one unfurnished private room and a shared bathroom. You will also have shared garage space for your car and storage. First floor is waterproof laminate flooring and upstairs carpet. I prefer a non smoker but all cigarette and marijuana smoke will need to be done outside. Vapes and other are fine indoors. This house is a very roomy modern brand new build. House is close to restaurants, stores, and gyms. You will also have access to a shared office space and extra storage room. So in a way you get two rooms for the price of one.

The agreement will be month to month with a $1000 deposit incase of any damages.

Rent is $900 flat in total with all utilities included
Availability is 02/01/2022

What should I know immediately?
I don't like my time wasted. Please don't contact me if you don't have a profile picture, don't contact me if you're not ready to pay all the costs of living here and don't contact me if you're not ready to make an immediate decision. Also no couples or kids at this time.

What should you know specifically about me?
I am a full time professional and part time military. I pride myself on my professional image. I try to be the most understanding, considerate and accommodating. I also tend to ensure nobody is uncomfortable for any reason during their stay.

How many people are in the household?
2 males, me and one roommate. 1 previous female as stated above.

How many bedrooms are there?
4 bedrooms in total. 2 are occupied, my master and one room.

How's the cleanliness?
I take care of all the common areas. I trust you take care of your own private spaces. I will occasionally inspect the shared bathroom.

Are pets allowed?
Due to preserving the full safety of my current roommate no animals will be allowed.

How's the neighborhood?
Neighborhood is very quiet most of the day but you might hear some construction every once and awhile as people are adding to their houses. No issues with any neighbors either.

Rent: $900
Bedrooms: 4
Baths: 3
Pets: No Pets
My Neighborhood
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