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Search through thousands of potential roommates, whether you have a room for rent, are looking for a vacant room, or want to pair up with someone to search for a new apartment. Our proprietary algorithm will match your personality, lifestyle and preferences with other roommate prospects and display your personalized best matches on top. You can further refine your roommate search using our filters to match your specific requirements.

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Express interest by clicking “Like” on profiles of those who seem as they would be good roommates and if it’s mutual, they will become a “Match”. When a potential roommate “likes” you, you will receive a notification and they will be added to your “Likes” page where you can decide if it is mutual and “Like” back.

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You can communicate directly and safely with your potential roommate “Matches” within our application. All your roommate search leads are in one central place, and you don’t need to share your personal contact information until you are ready.

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Find roommates that fit your preferences and lifestyle with personalized search results curated by our matching algorithm.

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A.I. and human vetted profiles. We keep the scammers out, and allow real people to connect safely on our platform with secure in-app messaging.

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Connect with potential roommates that are relevant and have a mutual intent. Refine and filter out any that are not a good fit. Chat with just those that matter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Diggz help me find roommates?
Of course, that's what we are here for! Diggz covers all your basis. Find rooms for rent, roommates to fill your empty room, or partner up with someone to find a new place of your own. You can even find full apartments for rent and Coliving rooms in certain cities.
Does it cost anything to sign up or use Diggz?
Diggz is a completely free of charge roommate finder. You can post your room for rent or listing to find a roommate free of charge. There are options to upgrade and accelerate your roommate search, but they are not required. The key features of the app are free.
How long does it take for my roommate listing to be live?
Once you complete a quick sign up and create your profile, your listing will be live immediately and all Diggz members will be able to see it. You will also be able to proactively search and engage with prospective roommates.
Can I find a roommate to team up with me to find a place?
Yes! Many of the members on Diggz are looking for rooms for rent and / or another person to partner with to get a place. In fact, most of the matches occur between two individuals for that purpose exactly.
How do I know if the people on the site are real?
Everyone on Diggz is a real person. We take security very seriously and use A.I. as well as human eyes to prevent and detect any scammy or sketchy looking roommate profiles. We also filter out outdated or inactive accounts so you'll be searching through relevant profiles.
What happens with my information when I no longer need to find a roommate?
You can easily delete your profile at any time along with all your data from our records. Alternatively, you can also deactivate your profile if you want to keep looking for a roommate in the future. Your data will still be saved, but no one else will see you until you decide to reactivate it.

It’s more than just finding a room.