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Searching for roommates in Central ATL

Maggie H - $663/month

About Me

I am a covid-responsible, communicative and cat loving human! I love cooking, gardening and relaxing when I’m not working as a bartender.

Move in Date Apr 2021
Lease Duration 6 Months
Age 28
Occupation Bartender
Work Schedule
Sleep Schedule
No Sleep
Non Smoker
Smoke Regularly
Drinks Regularly
Drug Use
Best Friends
Just Splitting the Rent
All the Time
Eating Habits
Eat Out
Iron Chef
About Me

I am a covid-responsible, communicative and cat loving human! I love cooking, gardening and relaxing when I’m not working as a bartender.

Move in Date Apr 2021
Lease Duration 6 Months
Age 28
Occupation Bartender
Available Room

Looking for a roommate in Historic Poncey Highlands!***not old fourth ward

Live in historic Poncey-Highland!

Hello humans! I’m looking for a roommate to sublease the second bedroom starting on March 1 of my 2/1 apt in Poncey Highlands at $663 a month, utilities run between 100 and 150 every month per person (gas, electric and internet). Water is included. This apt is a very short drive to practically everything- Inman park, little five points, the interstate, Decatur, old fourth ward, grocery stores, the beltline, farmers markets and more! I work in west midtown and it’s about a 15 minute drive. The building is North High Ridge- originally built in the 1920s and renovated here and there over the years. Truly a part of Atlanta’s history! These apartments have waiting lists that are months long- this is a very lucky deal!

The space has hardwood floors, washer and dryer in unit, gas range and a screened in patio.

I have lived here going on 8 years, with many amazing roommates in that time! I am looking for someone who does not have pets (I love them but I’ve got two little black kitties which is more than enough pets for the space). I am a bartender so I work late ish hours, and I’m usually up and around in the mornings as well. Someone who is also in the service industry would be a plus but certainly not a must. MUST BE COVID SAFE. While I’m hoping we are all vaccinated soon, in the meantime I will continue to minimize my own risk both at work (always wearing a mask, lots of hand washing, etc) and out of work (no people coming over unless masked inside and sitting far apart on the patio, no eating out indoors at restaurants, no meeting unmasked with pretty much anyone. If you are not someone who is doing those things, we will not be a good fit. My boyfriend does usually visit the apt during the week a few times, he takes the same covid precautions as me and is a very safe individual. I am looking for someone who is not a clean freak. While I like a tidy house, sometimes I leave dishes in the sink for a day or the toothpaste tube on the counter. I do expect for us to share duties such as cleaning the bathroom regularly, sweeping, mopping, etc. I also expect for us to share the responsibilities and financials of restocking things like paper towels, toilet paper, dish detergent, etc. The apartment is furnished and many items would be up for purchase when I move out in october if you are choosing to stay. I’d love to be friends with my roommate so we can share dinner together and have a drink from time to time but fully okay with living separate ish lives! I used to be a professional chef so a good eater would be sick! You must be 420 friendly, okay with cats, and overall respectful. If you are transphobic, homophobic, racist or voted for trump- do not apply. These things will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave if these things are ever an issue. Zero tolerance!

In order to apply, I’d like to have at least two references from past roommates who are vouching for your ability to meet the aforementioned qualities and pay rent on time. I am happy to do the same! This is a sublease that will go to October with the possibility to sign the lease yourself when I hopefully move to a house! I would only need the rent on March 1, no security deposit or hidden fees. I will ask that you sign an agreement between us that states you will pay the rent in full each month or you are subject to being asked to leave.

If this sounds like it would be a good fit for you, message me and we can set up a time to hop on a call to set up a time for you to come see the apt. I will be checking messages twice a day. Looking forward to meeting you!!

Rent: $663
Address: 641 N Highland Ave NE, Apt 10
Type: Walk Up
Furniture: Shared space only
Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 1
Pets: Cat
My Neighborhood