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Searching for roommates in East Denver

Meredith M L - $800/month

About Me

Gardening, roller derby, nerdy stuff. Good communicator, emotional intelligence.

Move in Date Feb 2020
Lease Duration 6 Months
Age 34
Occupation Agriculture
Hometown Denver, Co, Usa
Education Bs Degree
Relationship Status Dating
Work Schedule
Sleep Schedule
No Sleep
Non Smoker
Smoke Regularly
Drinks Regularly
Drug Use
Best Friends
Just Splitting the Rent
All the Time
Eating Habits
Eat Out
Iron Chef
About Me

Gardening, roller derby, nerdy stuff. Good communicator, emotional intelligence.

Move in Date Feb 2020
Lease Duration 6 Months
Age 34
Occupation Agriculture
Hometown Denver, Co, Usa
Education Bs Degree
Relationship Status Dating
Available Room

Room share in house with couple


We are looking to rent out the garden level basement of our home! You would be living with two other people, myself and my partner (the homeowner). Asking $800/mo rent plus utilities (gas/heat, waste, water, internet). Utilities come to roughly ~$220/mo total or ~$73ea depending on time of year. Also required upfront is a safety deposit of $800. Pets are welcome, as we have two dogs of our own, but we do ask an extra pet rent of $25/mo per pet, as well as an additional $200/pet with the safety deposit. To start we would sign you on for a short-term 3mo lease, and if things went mutually well, we would love to have you sign on for longer!

Located about 15-20m southeast of Downtown Denver, the house is still technically in Denver, but is close to the border of Aurora, within Arapahoe County. Located between the intersections of Florida/Parker and Mississippi/Havana, the house is in a very culturally diverse development, and backs a small park.

The house is 4 half floors separated by half flights of stairs. My partner and I live in the top floor. One floor down is the main walk-up entrance, and an open kitchen/dining room/living area. Below that is another small TV living room, with access to the backyard, the garage, and a shared coat closet. Then below that in the garden level/basement is your room, your newly remodeled private bathroom, as well as a shared crawlspace (plenty of storage) and shared laundry room (washer/dryer on site). The bedroom is roughly 150 sqft, plus a closet (second closet pictured, goes in to the right a couple feet). Parking is available directly out front across the small street, or within half a block in traditional spaces.

The house is LGBTQ+ friendly. We are also 420 friendly, so long as it is respectful. If you smoke cigarettes, you must do so outdoors. We are both adults in our 30s, but tend to be pretty big nerds, so the house is adorned with random art, posters, lunchboxes, rocks, plants, and bats... there are bats everywhere. If you are needing a pristine minimalist environment, this will not be a good match for you. If you are a generally tidy person who likes things a little eccentric and fun, then this may be a great match for you!

Maybe once or twice a year we will host a party, and we certainly have the occasional familiar friend over, or dinner get-together, but this is not a party house. If you want to throw your own party or get-together, great! This would be your own home too after all! You're also welcome to have guests! Just understand we are not interested in hosting big parties regularly, or having a revolving door of strangers, and that if someone is sleeping over most nights of the week, we will need to get them on the lease.

Please have the ability to actively listen and compassionately communicate. Conflicts will happen, but it is how we handle them that makes all the difference. If you are unable or unwilling to approach conflict as a growth opportunity, we will not be compatible roommates. We are both very open to making space for you, hearing you, and doing our best to remedy, or at the very least compromise, with any issues that arise for you in your new home. We ask the same in return. We are both constantly working to be better communicators and strengthen our emotional intelligence "muscles".

We are not perfect, our dogs leave hair around, sometimes we leave stuff around, but we do keep tidy. You are free to keep your personal spaces however you'd like so long as the property isn't being damaged. The shared spaces we just ask you do your best to contribute to the general maintenance of once in awhile, and clean up your messes as they happen. The kitchen in particular is one space we need to match on. If you are not able to do your dishes as you make them, this is not the place for you. Sure sometimes you don't get to them that night, but that only means they are done asap, and that such events are the exception, not the rule.

A little more about us: We were both born here, and met a little over three years ago. We both are very active in roller derby, so that takes a lot of our free time. In summer we take trips on occasion, go camping, or to hot springs. We also grow a herb and vegetable garden outback, that we are happy to share with you! When we are at home we like to watch movies, play video games, cook, clean, craft, and do normal human stuff. If you like horror movies, we may be a good match, as that tends to be our favorite genre! Individually I, your humble author, tend to be quite introverted, but warm and approachable. My partner is a great balance as she tends to be quite extroverted; respectful but oh so charming and typically eager to interact.

One of our dogs is a medium sized shibe inu rescue mutt. She is outgoing and may jump up to hug you when you first arrive home each day, but if it's a bother simply shove her off, and she will leave you alone. She is also smart enough to take hints, and quickly learns to leave people alone that don't like that kind of attention. She does shed seasonally, a sisyphean task that we try to stay on top of but inevitably fall behind on. She would love to have another playful canine friend to wrestle and run around with! She has lived with a few cats, but often wants to play with them also, so just depending on if the cats are particularly defensive, or not used to living with dogs, it may or may not work out well.

Our other dog is a small Chihuahua mutt, that is just the sweetest boy. He is much more shy, but loves people, and if you want to let him into your heart, he will be snuggling and hanging out with you in no time. Neither of our dogs bark incessantly, or even that regularly, although they do occasionally bark at dogs passing by in the backyard, especially when they themselves are outside. He gets along great with cats, and most dogs, but will hold his own if he feels his personal space is being unfairly invaded.

That is essentially our lives and living situation in a nut shell! The space could be available for move in as early as January 1st. However we are not looking to rush into things, and we could theoretically hold it for a little while if the right person comes along needing a future move in date, or if we just need to take more time to find the right fit. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I know it was a lot! If you're interested in seeing the space, don't hesitate to reach out! Thanks for reading!

Rent: $800
Type: Home
Furniture: Shared space only
Bedrooms: 4
Baths: 3
Pets: Dog
My Neighborhood