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2 Beds, 1 Bath in Upper East Side - $3,995

People Interested in the Apartment
Apartment for Rent

529 East 84th Street 4B

Upon entering the charming 4B of 529 East 84th Street, one immediately feels at home. Situated on the Upper East side, the 2 full bed home features a large number of windows that offer an abundance of natural light. This is due to the large number of windows (at least one in each room!) that face both north and south; a feature rarely available in most Manhattan residences. The brightly-lit white walls and earthy hardwood floors offer a cozy atmosphere to the resident.

The home's welcoming energy is apparent immediately. The unique entranceway and kitchen are elevated a step above the remainder of the home. This space can be used as a chatty dining area, a decorative foyer, or a fun extension to create a vast living room. Its rustic railing breaks up the space and offers an opportunity for whimsical decoration, be that seasonal or permanent.

The railing's black iron is also featured in the kitchen and full bathroom, whose black and white patterns compliment one another nicely. From the sleek metallic appliances to the chic and reflective masonry, the kitchen is sure to please. Newly renovated, it features a space-saving dishwasher, smooth cabinets, and a gorgeous iron-lined window reminiscent of Victorian London. The sophisticated design continues into the bathroom, where the shower features a similar window and shiny black and white tiles. From there, the colors seem to jump from the shower down to the playful checkerboard floor.

A hint of this playfulness can also be found in the living room, where the back window offers a view to a picturesque tree and garden. The homey, open space features elongated hardwood slats that pull the viewer's gaze to this painting of foliage, as well as the entrance to the 2nd bedroom. This allows natural light to permeate the airy living room, the true heart and soul of the space.

The 2nd bedroom is home to a beige accent wall that echoes the patchwork of the quaint brick-and-mortar homes that can be viewed through the two windows that stretch nearly to the ceiling. The similarly lofty master also features a closet and a bright ceiling fan.

Conveniently accessible to multiple buses (Second Avenue and York lines), as well as subway entrances (the Q on 86th and Second Avenue; the 4/5/6 on 86th and Lexington), the beautiful building is located in the heart of the Upper East Side. The East River, Gracie Mansion and Carl Schultz Park are all right around the corner! The Park also features a spectacular view of Roosevelt Island, which is easily reached by taking a scenic ride from the 90th Street Terminal, also nearby. Both 529 East 84th Street and its surroundings are sure to provide a quiet and peaceful home in a dazzling and energetic city.

Rent: $3,995
Move in date: October 2021
Lease Duration: 1 Year
Address: 529 East 84th Street
Furniture: Unfurnished
Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 1
Pets: Pet Friendly